Thursday, December 6, 2012

My Favorite Cookies

Why on earth don't we talk more about cookies here?!

I'm going to change that starting right now. Sure its technically not the candy aisle, but for a few posts I hope you'll indulge me. Now that I'm back living in Canada I've got a lot of old favorites to check in with again. I've already talked about my love for Viva Puffs, but here are a few other particular favorites.

I'll have more to say on The Decadent chocolate chip cookies soon, but these are not only a Canadian institution, they actually shook up the entire cookie market. For now, lets just leave it with the fact that these are easily the best mass produced commercially available Chocolate Chip Cookies on the market. They are awesome!

It's a classic for a reason. The Original Oreos are just amazing. there are so many good things to say about these. But as the picture says, eating them with milk is one of the best. Everything about an Oero works. Its just delicious all over.

I love Viva Puffs. I know most of you probably haven't had them, but this is easily my most favorite thing in the world containing marshmallow. Yes even more than smores, yes even more than rice crispy squares; Viva Puffs are that good. And as a bonus, they are not only delicious but they are so much fun to eat! There's a lot of layers to a Viva Puff, and its all good.

Man Fudgee-O... I wish I could've eaten these more often as a child. For some reason my parents never seemed to want to get them. Wow these are great though. You want chocolatey goodness? this is the place. Hands down just the best chocolate cookie out there.

Wagon Wheels aren't something to eat everyday. In fact I'd suggest even if you love them to keep it to only special occasions. Almost a desert rather than a cookie snack, wagon wheels live in my mind somewhere around the same place a cookie ice cream sandwich does. They are fantastic, but I think I might like them a little bit less if I could have them all the time.

As a child Peak Freans Fruit Creme biscuits held the spot as my favorite cookie for a very long time. The cream is much softer than an Oeros frosting like substance. This i the kind of cream that will melt in your mouth. The cookie is also something that will eventually melt away. Then all you're left with is the amazing center of gummy jam with sugar coating it. These are practically perfect in every way.

The great thing about Fig Newtons, is that they're practically not even a cookie. I mean I actually knew kids whose moms would give them these to eat as a healthy snack! They're deceptive for sure. Not as sweet as a regular cookie, but I have to say I love how Fig Newtons crumble away in your mouth, and the figs are absolutely great. Getting a fig newton is something a lot of kids won't appreciate; but for those of us who like them it feels like we've just gotten away with a huge coup.

Finally Chips Ahoy! chewy. Now I absolutely never had these at my house as a child. I'm not sure if maybe they weren't available back then in Canada or what. But... that doesn't make sense. They must've been around. I definitely had them when I could, it was just very rare. Whenever I did get them though I was in heaven. I think regular Chips Ahoy! are fine and all, but the Chewy variety is just SO good. As an adult they taste a little too processed, but as a kid these were that bomb. If only I could find them :)

Well, that about wraps it up for me on the cookie front. I'm sure there's a few I'm forgetting, but there's a decent selection. Let me know what your favorite cookies are in the comments.
 And now, I'm going to eat a cookie, this post has made me very hungry.

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