Friday, December 28, 2012

Candy Aisle Update

Hey all, no review today. Instead I've got a few quick updates on the state of the blog and Walking the Candy Aisle in general.

I;ve been really enjoying writing the blog, and posting the videos. Thank you to everyone who's visited and commented both here and on YouTube, this is a great venture that I'd like to continue into the distant future :) I mean I do love candy and chocolate.

For those of you who have read the blog over the past almost year you'll have seen that its sometimes busy and sometimes not so much. Come January the blog will again be reverting a bit to its slower status. I'm still planning to post weekly, and of course continue the weekly reviews, but might be a bit lighter on the rest of the 'extra' stuff. I know a few of you are starting to read the blog more regularly and thats great, but it takes a lot of work to post so much, especially with so many pictures.

You may have noticed that in an effort to streamline things over the end of our Christmas review I stopped posting the written portion of the candy reviews. Unless there's a good reason for a written review moving forward you can expect this format to continue, with less written and more video reviews up here on the site. In fact I'd like to get more video in general up here. Maybe a few different segments other than reviews, but that's all still in the works as it were.

I thank you all for joining me on this walk down the candy aisle. If you've got any comments or suggestions for the site please drop me a line at and please head over to the Facebook, and Twitter pages to Like and Follow the Candy Aisle even more.

I hope everyone had a great holidays and I wish everyone the best in the new year. I for one am going to just keep on walking down this candy aisle, I hope you'll join me.

- Geoff

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