Monday, December 17, 2012

Walking the Toy Aisle

This time of year many of us are thinking of the holidays, and if you're like me, probably dreading the inevitable trip to Toys R Us for those gifts. Oh not that I don't like Toys R Us. Hey I love toy stores; but even the most rabid toy store fanboy gets flustered when it comes to the insanity of holiday crowds. I think the best strategy is to know exactly what you want to get, and if possible have a backup idea ready to go. Then just get in and get out. Hopefully you can do it all while wearing headphones and ignoring the throngs of people.

Well for those of you who might be a little behind on the gift giving, here are a few ideas I came across while walking the toy aisle. There are a lot of candy themed and inspired toys out there these days, and if I don't share them with you, who will???

Its so much more than this these days... Although, that said this version of Candyland (which has been significantly updated since my youth) is pretty great!

Mark my words now, this is the big one to know about. Cake Pops.


Heard it here first. Cake Pops. Its a thing. Tell your friends...

Sorry that second picture above is a bit blurry, but just look at how excited that little girl is!!! I mean seriously this is THE greatest day in her life! I actually wonder if they photoshopped her eyes to make them even bigger here...


Of course, if you'll remember I posted about the Pillsbury Brownie and Cake Pop kits back in August. Now it seems they have hit the big time... A few weeks ago, one of the kids at my sons school who already has this, brought a bunch in to the class for his birthday... This is a really big thing.

Does that mean we should ignore the classic though? No of course not! What little girl doesn't want to spend 8 hours making whoopie pies with a lightbulb???

I will say that I like the graphics on these boxes. At least they've updated them. I remember it was a few years ago when they re-packaged and made a big push to get these things back in stores and homes. I think they were only moderately successful though. I guess kids today just don't want to play homemaker... At least not the way they used to.

If you're looking for candy themed toys though you really need look no further than Play-Doh and the Sweet Shoppe or Sweets Cafe line... I want to like this product line, I really do, but ultimately I have the same complaint about this that every 'old' person does about Play-Doh. The sets like this do not encourage kids to be creative, make up new things, and imagine the literally endless possibilities of creating with play-doh. They encourage a very certain kind of focused play. Its not terrible, I mean kids like structure and direction, but I can't help but feel that it  places limits on kids.

This is of course the exact same argument 'old' people have about modern Lego sets. Essentially its just a statue builder, its not as much about real creative play.

That said, there are a lot of different sets in this line and some of them are pretty darn cool.

But do you think that's all I found on my trip through the toy aisle?! Hardly!

Do you know any kid who would not seriously flip their lid if they got this on Christmas! I mean who doesn't want their own Cotton Candy Maker!!! That is awesome!

What about this beauty? I'm not a huge Dippin' Dots fan but it'd definitely be cool to have this bad boy on your shelf...

And finally the DQ Blizzard Maker. Yes that is awesome. And practical. I should totally get that....

As I left the aisle though I was wondering where my long lost favorite was... the classic Snoopy Sno Cone maker. Good luck on your Xmas shopping everyone :)

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