Friday, December 14, 2012

Terry's Milk Chocolate Orange review

Today we've got a fun holiday review for you, this is one that I'm certain a lot of you will have had around this time of year. Let's look at Terry's Milk Chocolate Orange.

Pretty unique in the candy and chocolate world (well until recently) Terry's oranges come in a variety of flavors but this milk chocolate one is the classic. For people out there who aren't in the know about this, its a large ball of chocolate roughly the size of an orange, segmented into slices. A form factor that I really just haven't seen anywhere else? I mean how many people bother to make their fruit flavored chocolate look like the actual fruit? exactly, no one. Anyhow this is milk chocolate infused with orange oil. Another somewhat uncommon choice when it comes to confections. According to the wiki, the product launched in England in 1931, a few years after the now discontinued chocolate apple. Its interesting since its such a large amount of chocolate, and may put people off initially since it costs around $6 (here in Canada at least), but this is certainly a unique product and one well worth looking at.

Before you take the ball out of the packaging though there's one more, very fun thing to do. According to the tagline you "whack and unwrap". During the manufacturing process the chocolate which is supposed to be segmented like an orange gets stuck together, so the loosen the pieces consumers are encouraged to literally hit their chocolate orange on a tabletop or other hard surface to dislodge the slices before unwrapping. Get it? Whack and Unwrap. Its very clever, and gives me one more reason to enjoy this chocolate. Any food that encourages you to play is great in my books. To check out my job of whacking and unwrapping you'll have to watch the video review.

Once you pull the big ball of chocolate out of the package you see that there's some nice orange peel patterning on the outside definitely a nice and somewhat unexpected touch. These things are really pretty classy. And it really smells super orangy.

The segments themselves are also extremely nicely designed. I like the little Terry's logo on each slice, and I especially like the cells of orange flesh sculpted into the slice. its just top notch in terms of quality.

As you can see they are a little on this thin side and have no patterning on the backs of the slices, but the fact that there are a full 20 slices in each orange means you'll be eating this one for a while. I know that as a kid I would love getting a Terry's Orange in my stocking because for one thing it actually managed to last me through until the end of presents. This is one of those chocolates that will definitely give you your moneys worth. (especially if its a gift!)|

Look at how nicely they splay out though. You can actually buy these in "bar" form as well, I think its called Segments, and that will see I believe 6 slices laid together. Not sure if that's actually available here in Canada, it maybe only in the UK. Lets get into this though.

Biting into the slice we find that this is pretty good milk chocolate, not great, but definitely above average, and better than you'll find in most American chocolate bars. The orange flavor is not overpowering, its actually kind of subtle, but very enjoyable.

I can't say enough about how happy and impressed with this form factor I am. These are just so unique, that I really have to recommend it. Thankfully the chocolate is pretty good too. This is something I think you'll enjoy, and will make a great stocking stuffer for anyone on your list.

Walking the Candy Aisle rates Terry's Milk Chocolate Orange - 4 / 5

Terry's has changed hands a number of times over the years, even briefly being re-branded as a Tobler product, but it currently is owned by Kraft Foods (ne Mondelez International), you can find out more about it at their Facebook page.

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