Monday, December 3, 2012

Holiday Krispies

So I'm walking through the supermarket this weekend and what do I see, but some Holiday Krispies staring back at me. Rice Krispies have gone all out for Christmas this year.

Sure its just different colored krispies, but I like the effort, its very festive :)

A little further down t he aisle I saw these holiday Krispy Squares. Now I'm not sure why you'd buy pre-packaged ones when its pretty simple to make rice crispy squares yourself, but I'm sure some people like it.

Finally, check out these non-festive, but new Rice Crispy granola bars. Seems like an alright idea. I mean if Special K can have granola bars, why not Rice Krispies?

As someone who eats these kind of bars I'm interested to try them both.

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