Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Milk Chocolate Lollipop Santa review

Today we've got another entry in the weird and wonderful holiday fare with this Milk Chocolate Lollipop Santa

While I've been seeing this around all over the place this holiday it still smacks to me of dollar store fare. I can't find anything on the company behind this confection online. Its distributed by One Better Inc here in Canada, but all I'm seeing on them is a lame website on calorie counting...

 So lets break this down and just consider what we're looking at. Here's the in-store signage.

So this is a weird solid milk chocolate lollipop. And its shaped to look like Santa. Alright... I have to say it is certainly eye catching. These seem to be a register display mainly. This is the definition of impulse item. I mean come on... who really buys a chocolate lollipop. That's like a gimmick unto itself. I genuinely like the packaging even though I'm getting a vibe of cheapness off the whole thing. I like how Santas cheeks have that rosy glow, and his mouth is just a little open, like he's in mid "Ho" also I want to keep this somewhat PC but I really like the eyes.

The eyes especially make me think that perhaps this is the result of some overseas graphic designers trying to put their interpretation on a "western" Santa Claus and getting it just slightly wrong. Sure it looks cool and stylized but I wonder if that was the intention here. I suppose it doesn't really matter, I'm just interested in all of these different interpretations of old saint nick.

Getting it out of the wrapper gave me a real initial shock. My first impulse... something has gone horribly wrong here, I mean just look at that head!?!

Kind of like Brainia, or Leader from the comic books, Santa also resembles a very specific Star Trek alien from the original series I can't quite remember. The top of his his head looks huge. And YES after a few seconds I realize it is of course actually supposed to be his hat on top of a regular head. But then you've then gotta ask, why is the hat square?

I like the rest of the design. Its got decent detail, including some decidedly more almond shaped eyes than the outer packaging. Its definitely weird to see chocolate on a stick like this, since its not melty or sticky or anything, and so kind of defeats the purpose of a stick. The smell is actually ok.

Biting in you'll get another surprise with this chocolate santa head. And its that the chocolate really isn't so bad at all. In fact its actually alright.

Like the package says this is solid milk chocolate.Weather its real chocolate though is a question I'm just not sure about. This is surprisingly good though so even if its fake chocolate it tastes very close to the real stuff. Maybe "good" is too strong word for this, its alright. Not great, but definitely alright. For the money I spent this definitely seems like it is worth it.

Walking the Candy Aisle rates - Milk Chocolate Lollipop Santa - 4 / 5

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