Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Aisle Walk Mish Mash

I've got a few random things I wanted to post today. New and interesting always catches my eye and there has been no exception to that since I've been back in Canada. To start there are a few Limited Time items in the aisle... I suppose they're her just for the holidays, so check them out quickly if you're interested.

Yes that is in fact Cinnabon bread! Seems like a great idea, although personally I never go to Cinnabon I know there are a lot of people out there addicted to it so this is probably a win for them. They should sell Cinnabon branded frosting spread as a side for that bread.

This product has me concerned. I feel like I want it to be great. I mean Ritz are great, and fudge is great... so what could possibly go wrong? I suspect everything.


And as expected Little Debbie has gotten into the holiday spirit too with these Christmas Snack Cakes. I wonder if these have really been around as long as the dated graphics imply. That seems to be the Little Debbie motif for everything even if its brand new. I will say though that I like the back of the box since it has cut-out gift tags on it. Kinda weird, but maybe works if you're planning on giving a Little Debbie snack cake for Christmas...

Now here we have a bit of an odd, not overly seasonal special edition. You remember what the Aero bar is supposed to look like right? Well if not click here to check out my review from about a month ago. Why the bubbles need to be actual bubbles I'm not sure... Maybe it saves on chocolate overall. I don't think I'm a fan though.

Finally there's this:

That is a whole display case full of Jelly Belly scented air fresheners! Seriously, that's pretty awesome. I totally want my car smelling like Buttered Popcorn!

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