Friday, December 7, 2012

Russell Stover Caramel Santa review

Well its definitely getting closer and closer to that time of year, and today I've got another holiday chocolate review for you. We're looking at the Russell Stover Caramel Santa.

So this should be a relatively simple review, this is one of the many impulse item candies you'll see near the checkout this holiday season. And its pretty simple in concept too: chocolate and caramel. I firmly believe all you really need for a solid candy experience are these two items. Seriously, chocolate and caramel are so simple but can be so good when done right... lets just hope Russell Stover has it down this time.

Looking at the packaging I have to say I'm a fan. Its simple but effective. This is a chocolate Santa. I like that Santa is wearing the long robe / coat instead of Santa pants. It just seems more classic. And hey is that a spear Santa is holding?! Well it may look a bit like it but instead I think its probably a walking stick. This Santa is old school. No flying reindeer for this guy.

Other than that the package is pretty straightforward. Santa is walking into a Green night, atop a snowy field. Interesting that this actually isn't called a Caramel Santa on the packaging, but just Caramel... I guess they know what they want to emphasize. However if you look at the display pic above that I snapped in the store on the box it clearly says Santa. No big deal, I just thought it was a bit odd. Also and finally of note, there is a small message on the back of the package saying this is made with "real chocolate".

Getting into the packaging though we find that this chocolate looks more like some sort of vaguely person-shaped blob instead of anyone specific (much less Santa). I don't want to be disappointed by this... I mean I get it. But I still wish they had done something more with the look of this chocolate.

I will say this though, its thick, and smells good. Also the wavy lines across the top of the chocolate are nice, just not overly Santa-esque.

Biting into this chocolate though soundly does away with any lingering disappointment over the cosmetics. This is good. Seriously, its really good. The caramel is soft, gooey but not too sticky. Its not going to get overly stuck in my teeth, and it has a creamy, ever so slightly melty quality that about it helping it blend well with the chocolate. This is just about exactly the best way to eat caramel. Melted and mixed in with good quality chocolate. Everything here is really good.

Look, I won't say this is great. Its not Lindt, but it is better than most standard American chocolate fare, and for a quick deal at the checkout I don't think you can possibly go wrong here. Also these are the kind of things that go on super sale after Christmas, so keep an eye out. Even if you're paying the full dollar (ish) price though I think this is definitely worth the time and money. Check it out.

Walking the Candy Aisle rates Russell Stover Caramel Santa - 4 / 5

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