Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Fun Dip review

Another review for you today, and this is a bit of an odd one. Not that the candy is odd, but thematically this is actually an Easter edition candy. Someone gave it to me and I'd guess that its been sitting around for a while... Thankfully I'm pretty positive that this kind of candy has a very long shelf life, so lets just put all the bunnies and springtime stuff in its place, and have a good look at the one and only Fun Dip!

Now for those of you new to the blog you might be wondering why I'm reviewing multiple flavors of Fun Dip at once. Well I'm not looking to upset those Fun Dip enthusiasts out there, but I kind of think there are a few candies that only warrant a single review. This will be a review featuring specific points on multiple variations of the candy, but will I hope cover the generalities that can be applied to all Fun Dip. (basically don't take it too seriously... its just candy).

Today I've got two different versions of Fun Dip to look at: Strawberrylicious Dip, and Wonderous Watermelon Dip. As I mentioned above these are both Easter editions of Fun Dip, so I'm not 100% sure if these flavors are available year round. These are labelled as Springtime dips, and the packaging certainly shows that. I'm a big fan of the Wonka imprints design work. They always do a great job showing the fun of candy. And really this is flavored powdered sugar in a bag that you eat with a candy stick. If you're not having fun, you're doing something wrong.

The colors on both packages are great and very "springy". I love the little touches too like the bubbling dip powder on the bottom of the F and P in Fun Dip. The blossoming flowers are a very nice springtime touch too. More awesomely on the back of the packages is a wonderful little note from Willy Wonka himself to all the kids out there. This could come off as cheesy, but I think its actually very sweet. And encouraging kids to check out the Wonka books is a great idea.

So for those of you out there still scratching your head. Fun Dip is essentially flavored sugar. If you know what a pixie stick is, then you know what Fun Dip is, although the main different here is delivery. This comes in a pouch and is accompanied by a hard candy stick called a Lik-a-Stix. In fact the entire product was originally called Lik-m-aid, but was re-branded Fun Dip to beter fit the Wonka brand. The stick gets licked and then when dipped into the powdered flavored sugar, it will stick to the surface, letting the kids essentially spoon the sugar down :) Its pretty fun!

Breaking into the package you'll see the powder down at the bottom of the pouch. It smells good, and very sugary, which makes sense since that's essentially what this is. the stick as you can see below, is simple and white. Usually it says Lik-a-stix on it but in this case they've actually branded one side of the stick for Easter as well with the words "Happy Easter", which is a nice touch. Licking then dipping the stick will give you whats going to become your basic mouthful of Fun Dip.

The taste is pretty much exactly like you'd imagine. This is sugar, fine ground with sweet flavoring mixed in. The flavors are both great, Strawberry and Watermelon are both good candidates for this kind of candy. There's not much to say about it other than that. Its good, and not as overly sweet as it could be, but you can feel that this is definitely a mainline of sugar.

I've heard tell that the stick is actually marshmallow flavored, but if it is I can't really place it. Its mild thats for sure. As you eat you'll eventually either on purpose of by accident break the Lik-a-stix. That's ok though, that's what its for.  This candy is equal parts for eating, and for playing. The stick has a chalky mint like quality. Not mint in flavor, but in texture and consistancy. Its fine, but nothing too exciting. The joy comes in licking off the sugar powder. It comes in seeing the sugar work into the Lik-a-stix lettering, and wondering how long you can go before the stick breaks.

Let's take a step back from this for a second. because in terms of taste its pretty decent, but nothing too unexpected. The thing that makes this a great candy is the form, the delivery, the sheer playfulness of it all. I am a fan of Fun Dip because of all that and more. This candy will definitely appeal to kids, but I think it speaks to all of us. This is a real reminder that candy can, and should be fun. I love the messaging hardwired into this entire product. Fun Dip is honestly a lot of fun, and I give it special props for keeping it real. Go get some and have fun!

Walking the Candy Aisle rates Fun Dip - 4 / 5

As I mentioned Fun Dip is a Wonka product, which is in turn a brand of Nestlé. Please find out more about all of it at this link.

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