Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Old Ads Round 2 Wrap

I hope you've enjoyed the look we've been taking back at some of the awesome advertisements of yesteryear here on the blog over the past few weeks. What with the holidays and double review schedule some of these posts definitely might have been lost in the mire, so for those fans who missed it I just wanted to make sure I gave you a link through to all of the pieces from this second round edition of Old Ads.

Here are the posts we covered:

Old Ads Gum
Old Ads Candy
Old Ads Cereal
Old Ads Tie Ins

And if you missed it here is a link through to the Old Ads round 1 wrap up post linking to all of those ads. OR for those of you more adventurous, please go and check out the Facebook page for WTCA, there is a photo album just for this very topic featuring all of the old ads seen on this site and one or two more to bot! I think the Facebook page may in fact be the best way to view these ads sicne the descriptive text is in the convenient sidebar beside the embiggened photo. And hey, while you're there why not Like the Candy Aisle. Every Like counts.

The next round of Old Ads will probably be a few commercials I love, so lets keep our eye open for that. Until then please keep enjoying the blog :)

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